Hill Flight Support is a the leading supplier of F-5 parts and provider of airframe engineering.
We have supported the F-5 / T-38 aircraft community for more than 4 decades in over 30 countries. As such we are recognized as a world leader and expert in providing aircraft spares, services, and solutions.

We are currently in possession of technical data including standards and manufacturing process specifications for the F-5 A, B, E & F, and T-38 aircrafts. Our library includes over 200,000 drawings, including ground support equipment and all applicable technical orders for the F-5 family of aircraft.

We provide logistical support products and services to the U.S. Navy / Marines and to international F-5 / J-85 operators and are bona fide specialists in the manufacturing and repair of the F-5 Honeycomb Structures including:

  • Horizontal Stabilizers
  • Main and Nose Landing Gears
  • Windshields frames
  • Leading and Trailing Edge Flaps
  • Flaps
  • Vertical stabilizer and leading spares and ducting trailing edge panels
  • ECS Turbines and ducting
  • Upper / Lower Cockpit longeron kits and tooling
  • Wing spars
  • Honeycomb (metal to metal) bonded doors
  • LAU 100/101 Missile Launcher and stores adapters / ejectors

Our products and services include:

  • A unique inventory of high value airframe, engine, avionics, including systems assemblies and components
  • Cost effective and responsive
  • Quality engineering overhaul / MRO depot, modifications and crash damage repair (CDR)
  • Low cost production of small lot size spares requirements
  • Field Service representatives
  • Replenishment spares procurement
  • Quality OEM type engineering and technical analyses
  • Repairables Management