Specialized Production

At Hill Flight Support we have designed (Hill currently does not design products), fabricated, and supplied high quality parts and assemblies to the world’s aerospace industry since 1973. We specialize in manufacturing cost effective mechanical, electro-mechanical and hydraulic motion control devices. We selectively choose “Build to print” products that complement our manufacturing strengths and capabilities.

Production Capabilities

  • F-5, F-15, F-16, F-18 nose landing gear assemblies and components

  • F-5, F-15, F-16, F-18 main landing gear assemblies and components

  • C-130 nose and main landing gear assemblies / components

  • UH-60 landing gear

  • F-5 Windshield Frame

  • F-5 Aim-9 Missile Launcher (LAU-100/101)

Repair Management

Our logistical support package allows advanced scheduling of repair, overhaul, and maintenance programs on a convenient timetable. This results in cost savings, less warehousing, less processing, lower procurement costs for repair, and maintenance.

Our engineering staff consists of resident and consulting specialists that are recognized leaders in aircraft crash damage repair and other specialized maintenance requ.

We also provide an extensive range of repair and overhaul of most common rotables and airframe assemblies & components. An example of which is developing a process for overhaul and remanufacturing of damaged F-5 horizontal stabilizers and AH-1 rotor blades.

Logistics and Export Management

We have developed a proprietary and unique aviation supply management system that leverages highly advanced computerized parts and a correlation system which gives our procurement staff instant access to the location and availability of parts and equipment.

We have compiled a master database with more than 14 million national stock numbers and 40 million part numbers, based on the procurement histories of the U.S. Government and other major suppliers with purchasing records dating to the 1950’s. We also hold a vast library of technical drawings, enabling us to meet customer supply needs with speed and efficiency.

Hill Flight support is the ideal link between source and customer because we market systems, equipment, parts and service through an established and proven worldwide network of experienced representatives and technical experts. We meet the marketing need of the OEM through our Export Management Program, which actively pursues markets that are difficult to access. That said, our experience in international trade minimizes the time necessary to deliver equipment and parts needed on an ongoing basis around the world.

Close cooperation between Hill Flight Support and the U.S. State Department (Munitions Control Registration No. 785-1898), the Department of Commerce, Defense Security Assistance Agency, and other international agencies assure prompt delivery to all our overseas customers.